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A search function is now available on the ENDIA clinical registry that enables you to search for: (a) the contents of a particular box based on the box code, and (b) the locations of a particular sample based on the sample identification number.

To access the search tool click “Search” in the black ribbon at the top of this page.

Results tables can be copied into Excel without losing formatting. To select the text, place your cursor at the top left hand side of the table, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the pointer over the entire table. Copy the table by pressing "Ctrl" and "c" simultaneously. Paste into Excel.

Boxes that include multiple sample types (e.g. PLASMA-age and URINE-age) will need to be searched separately to get the full box inventory. The results tables can be compiled in Excel.


The eSite File has been updated. All study documents within the eSite File are current and should be implemented immediately.

Features of the updated eSite File includes:

  • The most recent source data sheets from T1 to V5 (i.e. "little computers")

  • PIS&CFs for all sites

  • Downloadable logos and images for presentations

  • Details of all HREC/RG applications including approval letters and, in many cases, ZIP files of the original application

Please cross-reference version numbers with any hardcopies you may be using and update accordingly.


The clinical registry has been updated and new source data sheets have been supplied by email. The eSite File has not been updated to reflect these changes. Please use the emailed source data sheets until further notice.


New versions of all Source Data Sheets were emailed to Study Coordinators on 20/11/2013. The Registry and eSite File have not yet been updated to reflect these changes. We thank you for your patience while we make this transition.


Welcome to the ENDIA Clinical Registry! This is designed for the capture of participant data. If you have any questions about data entry please contact Megan on 81618747.

Note to study coordinators: Please be aware that the eSite File requires an update. The most recent study documents can be found on the USB that was provided at the Workshop in August. Please use your USB until further notice.

About the Clinical Registry

This registry, developed by the Melbourne eResearch Group based at the University of Melbourne, provides a means of connecting diabetes data from specialist centres across Australia and New Zealand within a single Virtual Research Environment (VRE). This site should be viewed by registered users only.

Technical contact

For any technical queries about the registry please contact William Hu or Prof Richard Sinnott.