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Have you ever emailed your password to anyone? If so, change it now!

Password security is paramount in safeguarding personal and sensitive information from unauthorised access.

Compromised passwords not only endanger individual privacy but also pose significant risks to organisational and societal security, potentially leading to data breaches and financial losses.

By diligently adhering to best practices in password management, such as utilising complex and unique combinations, regularly updating passwords, and refraining from sharing them via insecure channels, we mitigate the threats posed by cyber adversaries and uphold the integrity of ENDIA's digital ecosystem.

About the Clinical Registry

This registry, developed by the Melbourne eResearch Group based at the University of Melbourne, provides a means of connecting diabetes data from specialist centres across Australia and New Zealand within a single Virtual Research Environment (VRE). This site should be viewed by registered users only.

Technical contact

For any technical queries about the registry please contact William Hu or Prof Richard Sinnott.